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The Story Begins...

My newest venture is this family history blog, which will include posts under the following headings:

General family history

Yes, a catch-all title for general musings which don't fit a specific heading. Biographies, case studies, genealogical conundrums - basically anything which inspires me.

Names and other oddities

"Great-gran was called Bathsheba? Seriously?" Unusual or oddly appropriate names, occupational terms which have disappeared or changed their meaning: a mainly light-hearted look at a subject which appeals as much to the language geek in me as to the family historian.

Sources and resources

Some personal reactions and reflections on genealogical resources, old and new.

World War I

In this section I blog about the impact of the conflict at a family and community level. In addition to more general topics it will include occasional biographies and a look at some local war memorials.

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